Mark Salzwedel, CHyp
How does hypnomassage work?
Hypnomassage is a relatively new treatment modality. It can be used to increase the depth of trance in some clients, and it can be used to increase muscle relaxation beyond a standard massage.

The session begins with an interview and some testing. There will likely be before the massage one or two short trance sessions to establish and deepen your trance state. Then during and after the massage, there may be one or more other trance sessions.

It can be incorporated into ongoing hypnotherapy by recommendation or request.
How long does it take?
The massage can last 60 or 90 minutes, and you should allow an additional 60 minutes for hypnosis, 90 minutes if it is your first time doing hypnosis with me.
What does it cost?
With a 60-minute massage, a hypnomassage session is $170.

With a 90-minute massage, a hypnomassage session is $215.

A $25 discount is available to first-time clients.

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